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Vietnamese Coffee


Vietnamese Robusta bold body extra caffeine coffee
100% Vietnamese Robusta Coffee, extra caffeine for extra kick, used in a few of our blends to add to the blends body as well as giving a good colour to the Crema, characterized by a dark streak.

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Vietnamese Robusta bold body, extra caffeine coffee.

The Robusta coffee species has double the caffeine content as the Arabica species of coffee, giving an extra punch.

We use the 100% Vietmanese Robusta  in a few of our blends. Robusta gives good dark chocolaty colour to the Crema. A must try if you like punchy morning coffee with body and extra caffeine.

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Product Origin: Vietnam 

100% coffee no additives or preservatives

Coffee in Vietnam

French colonists at the end of the 19th century introduced coffee into Vietnam. Coffee growing began with large colonist owned plantations. Following the end of the Vietnam war all coffee farms were state owned and operated as co-operatives. Reforms in 1986 allowed privately owned enterprises to be established. Robusta coffee production surged from these enterprises, moving from the world’s 21st largest producer of Robusta to 2nd largest producer in 2016.
Our supplies come from Dakman based in the Central Highlands.

Producing Regions

Central Highlands – DakLak, Gia Lai, Kontum, Lam Dong, Buon Me Thuot. Southeast – Dong Nai, Ba Ria–Vung tau, Binh Phuoc

Annual Production –

Estimated at 1.758 million tonnes, 97% Robusta

Harvest –

Robusta: January to March

Processing –

Washed and Natural Robusta

Grinding Coffee

To get the most out of your coffee, purchase your own grinder.

From a simple hand grinder to a top of the line commercial grinder there is an option for your budget.

Fresh on demand ground coffee will give you better flavor and aroma over pre-ground coffee, it will also gives you the flexibility to adjust your grind to get the best out of your coffee for your brewing method.

Regularly cleaning of your grinder will also improve the quality of your coffee extractions.
Using coffee within 6 weeks of roast date will ensure you get the best flavours in your cup. As coffee ages to subtle flavours and aromas will gas off or oxadise which will decrease flavour and increase bitterness.

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