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Colombian Coffee

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Colombian single Origin Coffee.

Colombian single Origin Coffee a smooth coffee with caramel notes, fine quality bean from an excellent source.

A rich, medium bodied coffee, with a slight fruity aroma, has the perfect balance of body, aroma and flavour, further distinguished by its distinct smokiness and mild acidity.
A medium to dark roast.

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Colombian Single Origin Coffee

Product Origins Colombia

A medium to slight dark roast.

A rich, medium bodied coffee, with smooth caramel notes, a slight fruity aroma, has the perfect balance of body, aroma and flavour, further distinguished moderate body, mild acidity and mellow aftertaste.

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100% coffee no additives or preservatives Colombian Single Origin Coffee

Coffee in Colombia

Jesuit Priest’s are thought to have bought coffee to Colombia in the 18th Century and the first export occurring in the 1830’s.

The main Coffee growing area is in the centre of the country with distinct regions in the North and South.

Colombia only produces Arabica varietals and is known for its two grading classifications; Excelso and Supremo. Excelso beans are the smaller sizes, ranging between Screen 12 and 16.5. Supremo is the larger bean, retained by Screen 17

Coffees grown between altitude 1200 and 2000m in highly fertile volcanic soils. Most growers are small producers (500 000+) on lots of 1.8ha.


Producing Regions

Nariño, Norte De Santander, Quindio, Santander, Cundinamarca, Risaralda, Cauca, Antioquia, Huila, Tolima, Caldas, Valle

Annual Production – 3rd largest producer of coffee in the world

Harvest – October – March

Processing – Fully Washed


Coffee Brewing/Tips/Info

There are many ways to brew coffee, above all choose a method that suits your taste and budget, check other Coffee product listing on our website for more coffee brewing methods and tips.

? Coffee – under Construction



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Reviews (1)

1 review for Colombian Coffee

  1. Jeff (verified owner)

    Colombian Coffee whole beans grind really well with the Rancilio Grinder set on 10 and produces a magnificent 30 second extraction on the Rancilio Silvia.
    The crema is rich, thick and golden honey in texture and appearance. The flavour is rich, creamy and has a good after taste, not bitter and not too sweet.
    I have tried most beans that Mark produces and this is my current favourite

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