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Beech Break Blend Coffee


Full bodied coffee with added kick, a blend inspired by our friends at Underwater Safaris in Narooma
Based on our Bar Blend with added Robusta to gives extra coffees body and richness in colour and flavour to the Crema.

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Smooth Medium bodied coffee with added kick,

Under Construction – coffee available

A blend created for “Beech Break” holiday rental in Merimbula, managed by ‘Merimbula Holiday Rentals‘.

At “Beech Break” we have supplied a semi-commercial office coffee machine and Grinder and include a complimentary bag of or ‘Beech Break Blend’.


Coffee Preparation


Coffee Grinder
To get the most out of your coffee, purchase your own grinder. Fresh on demand ground coffee will give you better flavor and aroma over pre-ground coffee, it will also gives you the flexibility to adjust your grind to get the best out of your coffee for your brewing method. Regularly cleaning of your grinder will also improve the quality of your coffee extractions.
Using coffee within 6 weeks of roast date will ensure you get the best flavours in your cup, as coffee ages to subtle flavours and aromas will gas off or oxadise which will increase bitterness.

Checkout out Bar blend


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